Convert bLuna to stLuna or the other way around

Before you interact with this front-end, please note that:
  • This widget only works on Terra Classic. You can select the network in your wallet extension.
  • Terra’s Market and Staking modules are disabled, and Terra Station is unstable. Exercise caution, as the successful execution of transactions cannot be guaranteed.
  • Lido on Terra is winding down based on Lido DAO decision. The safe withdrawal period ended on the 18th of July. Withdrawals will remain accessible via the UI until the 26th of August, but may face slashing risks.
You will receive
0 bLuna
Transaction cost
~0.208354 UST


Is any fee applied on conversion?

Lido sets no fee on bLuna-stLuna conversion. Still, there is the fee for keeping bLuna-Luna peg. The protocol applies a fee of 0.5% to bLuna mints and burns whenever the exchange rate is below 1, targeting a gradual recovery to a one-to-one peg. This happens only when there were a slashing event.